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Samuel Marvin Photography, serving Meridian and Boise, ID provides the most complete senior photo experience to be found. Your uniqueness and beauty will radiate from every print.

Senior Pictures Unique As You

We get to know each of our Boise and Meridian, Idaho seniors so that we can create a custom photography experience, fitted to their personality. Because of our process, each print shows the uniqueness and beauty of the individual senior. Choose from popular Fashion and Glamour sessions, including outfit changes, professional hair and makeup, and a variety of add-ons including video.

Memorable Family Pictures

Our family sessions include on-location around Meridian and Boise, group and individual shots, and optional professional hair and makeup for the ladies. Choose from our regular session for your immediate family, or large family session for reunions or extended family photos.

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It’s Grad Card Time!

Its that time of year, and we need to get all of your Grad Cards designed and ordered. Below you will see all of the options seperated into 3 styles.  Style 1 is the standard card.  Style's 2 and 3 are upgradeable  options that can be selected for an additional fee....

What I wish I would have known when I started Day 4

Networking and Education I was 15 years old when I decided photography was my calling in life.  Back then everything was still film cameras and there really weren’t that many photographers around.  I searched for photographers that I could learn from, because signing...

No Blog Sundays

So even though I am on a blog-a-thon to blog every day for 6 months I still feel it only appropriate that I don't blog on Sundays.  So for anyone that decided to check this out here is my post. I will probably never blog Sundays from here on out.    

What I wish I would have known when I started Day 3

Saturday's and Sunday's  So my wife Michelle and I are driving home from Costco today and I blurted out "Crap I forgot I need to do a blog post for today". She says to me "Really, it's a Saturday." and it hit me.  One thing I wish I would have done from the beginning...

What I wish I would have known when I started Day 2

  What is my real cost of doing business: It is unbelievable that it took me literally 18 years in my business to quit ignoring what my business costs are, and compare it to what my business makes.  This is the most important thing I wish someone would have...

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