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Meet Sam

Sam and Michelle have one little boy and have been happily married for almost 10 years.  He is a fun and outgoing individual with a passion for life and photography.  He likes to describe himself as more or a business man than an artist but clearly isn’t lacking in the creative sense.  Sam started his photography business in 1995 at the age of 15.  Though he won’t boast of any specific accolades as a photographer he has worked in many photography fields and has been published in multiple magazines and is looked to as a teacher in the local market.  Michelle would claim there is never a dull moment with Sam and you are sure to feel the same while working with him.

Meet Nate

One of the first questions we get from all of our clients is “Are you and Sam related?” Yes as a matter of fact we are. Nate is my nephew and one of my best friends. He has tagged along with me on shoots all over the world from motorcycle races in California, weddings in New York and even Senior shoots in Hawaii. Nate started shooting video when he was about 15 and really fell in love with it. Today he shoots all of our video and even does some work on his own for his own company. Nate loves to work with people and his heart is about as big as he is when it comes to helping people out. He is a great addition and key part of our team!

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