Part of our mission here at Samuel Marvin Photography is to encourage self-confidence and individual worth through the power and process of portraiture. There are many different ways in which we as a company strive to accomplish this mission, but one of the amazing things that we experience over and over is the literal transformation that takes place in our client’s smile as a session progresses. Often times when our clients walk-in prior to their session they are a bit timid or reserved. People can become a bit nervous about who they are and how they look in photos. Do you ever feel this way? Personally, I feel that nerves have more to do with what you ‘think’ others think about you and how you appear. The truth is my friends, we are all beautiful and we each have worth! You have your own characteristics & personality that create a?unique beauty. We know that! Here we believe that our job? is to help you discover that beauty from within as we spend time together capturing amazing images.

We believe so strongly in the fact that portraits will encourage & develop self-confidence and individual worth that this week we are going to give this gift to one of you! We want you to experience this joy and capture images that will be cherished for years to come. 

Increases your Self-Confidence & Individual Worth with Family & Senior Pictures


There is a magical thing that happens when we smile on the outside…our inner self feels that joy and can not help but smile as well! The other amazing thing about a smile is that it is contagious! When you see a smile deep down you want to smile. Sam has a unique gift in his ability to bring out the most radiant smiles! This simple act will boost your self-esteem and joy! It is a proven fact that the more you smile the happier you will feel and the less your body will react to stress. So go ahead and flash that beautiful smile for all to see.


Every day you are taking new steps into the future and working towards becoming the person you want to be. There are many milestones that have marked your journey. Taking the time to document those accomplishments and milestones with photographs will help you look back on them and cherish the road, regardless of any twist or turns you may encounter. When you celebrate who you are and the path you are taking you will find joy & worth in yourself. Portraits are fantastic reminders of the good in ourselves and our family members. Reward yourself with these memories and allow them to build up your self-confidence. You are a remarkable person and your life is worthy of documenting!

Senior high school cheerleader


There is more to having your portrait taken than actually having the photographs taken. The end result of any photography session should conclude with photographs printed, framed, and hung on the wall! As parents, we display the ‘things’ we treasure and value the most. Portraits of our family members, loved ones, and ourselves need to be displayed for all to see! When you do this you will be creating a daily routine that will increase your individual worth and self-confidence. Every time you, your child, and loved ones see themselves in portraits that are hung on the wall they experience the expression of your love and value in them. As humans, we are very visual beings. Having a daily reminder that we all loved, wanted, and valued is why a portrait is worth a thousand words!

There are many ways a person can increase their self-confidence and individual worth, but oftentimes we forget that having portraits taken is one of those. There have been multiple scientific studies conducted that have shown actual self-esteem improvements in people when they take and view photographic images of themselves. It is important to remember that when you document where you have been and where you are going you are celebrating who you are and who you want to be. When you think of this we hope that you smile on the inside as well as for the camera! Allow us to build your confidence and show you the worth that we see in you!

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