Mother and Son on a hill overlooking the city of Boise
Mother and Daughter portrait at sunset

There are so many things that we can say about Mothers and Motherhood. Part of our company Mission is “..to strengthen relationships…and document milestones and family legacies through the power and process of Portraiture.” This is why we make every effort to take a few moments towards the end of each of our Senior Sessions to have Mom come stand by her Senior and have images taken of the two of them. 

Mother and Daughter standing together for a picture in the hills.

The Senior Year is a milestone that both, mother & child have strived for! It is something that they have accomplished together, with sleepless nights, hours of study, joy & laughter, heartache, and frustrations. Together they have come to this very moment! 

A son kissing his mother on the forehead overlooking the river at Swan Falls Idaho

The emotions, love, and power held within an image is the gift that remains for a lifetime. Shower your Mother with your favorite pictures of you & her this Mother’s Day. We have created a few templates that you can use to make a personalized card for Mother’s Day this year. 

Printable Mother's Day card with pink orchids and gold writting
Printable Mother's Day card with grey background and flower boarder for an image
Mother's Day Card with a linen background and pink orchids

To create the card simply click on the picture to download it, then print it out at home or at a copy shop. Depending on the card design you chose to print you can cut out the inner portion of the frame and tape your favorite picture on the opposite side. Then tell your mother how much she means to you and sign your name! This simple gesture will win your Mother’s Heart.

A picture of a Mother and her daughter at sunset
A son holding his mother at sunset in the hills of Boise.
A mother and daughter holding hands, walking away from the camera towards the city
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