Oh what a night!  Such a success and a treasured time with Abby and her dad Jeff.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  We started our day with Abby at 2:30 in the afternoon for hair and makeup with Emily.  Emily does a great job but there was no magic to be worked on this already beautiful girl.  We started out with our ice breakers and a dress I wasn’t really excited to shoot.  She came out wearing the dress and I instantly realized my job was going to be a cake walk.  And it was; every picture I shot of this girl was awesome.  Below is an image that I got the wild idea for at about 10:00 last night and we nailed it to a T!

The best part of our shoot tonight was two separate moments where we were able to witness the sweetest love between Abby and her dad!  I won’t elaborate but she proudly proclaimed he was her best friend and he proved it was true with such a precious and emotional note he wrote her.  Take a look here at Abby and below at a trailer from her shoot tonight.


Abby Cornilles – Trailer from in8 Media Productions on Vimeo.


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