They say laughter is the best medicine and i’m starting to believe it cures stress. ?From now on when I am stressed I am calling Mary and Bethany and taking them out for a shoot. ?We laughed a lot and I loved every moment of my time with these two wonderful ladies. ?Bethany is so beautiful and really was amazing at working with the camera and taking direction on how to pose. ?Despite the heat we had to deal with the shoot really went well maybe even too well because I think Mary was ready to get home off her feet and be done following me around. ?She brought something to my attention that I never thought of. ?My shoots are often longer than necessary and I never realized that maybe parents might think I do this so I just get so many great pictures that they can’t choose. ?Well I have to say I shooting senior portraits to me is like being on vacation; ?I forget about everything else that matters in life and I immerse myself in what I love. ?Who am I kidding vacation is never that great but sometimes needed.

Bethany is a great soccer player with ambitions to play at the collegiate level. ?She is a tough little lady and when it comes to ice cream she wants all the kinds of chocolates she can get. ?This girl will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come so watch out world because Bethany Forst is coming for you! ?Take a look at this image from her shoot and also please watch her video trailer below and let us know what you think.


Bethany Forst – Trailer from in8 Media Productions on Vimeo.


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