Dates: January 3-9 2016

Positions Available: 3

Passport Required: Yes

Whats Included: Hotel Accommodations, Transportation to and from airport, daily group transportation, Entertainment i.e. snorkel cruise, paddle boarding, surfing, Breakfasts and snacks photo credit is optional add on.

Whats Not Included:  Airfare, Luggage fees, lunches dinners, additional activities, and room services.

What About Parents:  1 parent is encouraged to join at no additional cost.  Airfare, luggage fees, meals with the exception of breakfasts, and entertainment will be sole responsibility of the parent.  Any additional individuals will be subject to additional expenses.

Brief Overview:  Each senior will receive a 1 day session that will take place in downtown Cabo San Lucas as well as surrounding areas and end with a sunset shoot on a secluded beach on the pacific coast of the Baja California Sur.  Every evening will end with a dinner as a group (optional) at local favorites in downtown.  One day will be dedicated to a group or combined session with all of our seniors which includes a snorkel cruise and sunset session.

Flights and Airfare:  The reason that we don’t include airfare in our destination session is because many of our clients travel a lot and can save money with miles and rewards.  We would prefer to travel all together for maximum comfort but understand that some people will choose to use their rewards.  We will provide information to those that book a destination session about our flights and travel information so that we can collaborate.

Please call for availability and pricing.  (208) 297-5867

Additional comments or questions can be posted below for an open forum informational.


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