Valentine’s Day Mini Photo Sessions

Isn’t there something super fun about all the warm fuzzy feelings of Valentine’s? Here at Samuel Marvin Photography, it had us thinking in pinks, reds, whites, and maybe a hint of silver! For this year’s simple yet fun Valentine’s Day mini photo session with our Senior Team, we wanted to incorporate just those colors along with balloons, flowers, and confetti. 

teen girl with pink, purple, and silver, heart balloons
senior girl holding a red rose with valentines heart balloons int he background
headshot of a young woman amongst roses and pink & white confetti

Valentines Day Outfit

What is the perfect Valentines Day outfit? That depends on your personality and plans! For this Valentines Day photoshoot, we suggested that our clients bring one outfit that has soft pinks or pastels and a second outfit that is bold with reds, blacks, and even white. Avery, from our 2021 Senior Team, looks perfectly amazing in her cute ripped jeans and soft pink silk top. She added a pop of fun (which totally matches her personality) with a pair of cheetah heels! Chloe, another member of our Senior Team went bold with black jeans and a red crop top. Alina was also a part of our 2021 Senior Team and she decided to rock a cute little red silk jumper over a long-sleeve black turtleneck. Each outfit look

high school senior girl holding heart shaped balloons on a pink backdrop

Valentines Day Mini Photo Session Ideas

As we were thinking about Valentine’s Day mini photo session ideas we fell in love with the idea of metallic balloons as the perfect photo prop. As our High School students came in for their Valentine’s Day Mini Shoot we handed them a bundle of metallic hearts & this super fun ‘love’ balloon. Chloe, one of our 2021 Sammy’s Angels, had a blast expressing her love with it! Balloons add a great pop of color to your photos and can be used as props or simply as a background element.

teen girl holding a balloon that spells out love on a pink background
young woman blowing paper confetti that is pink, white, and red
Young woman holding a balloon that spells out love on a pink bacground

Do you love the shimmer & shine look of confetti? We do! Get ready to giggle & laugh as we get creative with handfuls of paper confetti and rose petals. We are using the perfect combination of colors with pinks, reds, metallic pinks, whites. 

high school senior girl holding a bouquet of red, pink, and white roses on a pink background

Book Your Valentine’s Day Mini Session

What is Valentine’s Day without roses? We want to make sure that you feel beautiful and loved. Join us for a Valentine’s Day Mini Photoshoot this year! Keep your eyes on our Instagram Stories so you don’t miss out on this fun opportunity. Let us shower you with roses and compliments as we capture images that will express your unique beauty! If you want to learn more about our upcoming Mini Sessions read this post.

young woman with a boquet of roses covering the lower half of her face so that you see only her beautiful brown eyes
teen girl against a pink background with paper confetti and heart shaped balloons
senior girl blowing confetti of pink white and red towards the camera on a pink background
high school senior holding a bunch of red, pink, and white roses for a Valentines day photo
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