Little did I know what was to come on Thursday night when Nate and I set out for McCall.  We were headed up to do  a little work for Brundage Mountain Resort and it was a perfect chance to get away for some camping and fishing as well.  We had it all planned out.  We would camp at Brundage Reservoir and Mountain Bike opening day  as well as do a little fishing that evening and the next day.  Needless to say being two fluffy fellas we were pretty whooped  before too long charging the trails on the mountain.  Truth is both of us had warn out the brakes on our bikes, so going down a rocky steep grade without them was a scary thought.  Since the whole point was to get some photo an video we set out to do that.  It was a beautiful day on the mountain and here is a few of the shots I got.

So of course after the sun started to set we built a fire and made some dinner.  We were beat and were daydreaming of our sleeping bags when we decided we should get some shots of us sitting by the fire  with some off camera flash in the tent to make it glow.  I had never tried this before.  So we quickly got our stuff together to get the shot.  Camera?  Check!  Remote Trigger? Check!  Flash? Check!  Wireless Flash Syncs?  Check!  Tripod?  Really what photographer takes their tripod camping?  Apparently not us haha but we managed to balance the camera on a log for this first shot.

Again we are sitting near the fire enjoying our camp cooked meal when we start to notice a lightning storm to the west out over the Wallowa Mountain Range.  So we decided to get the gear out for a couple more shots.  As I looked west up the reservoir I noticed a light over the horizon like what you would see driving into Las Vegas.  I knew that there was not a big city on that side of the hill because I have snowmobiled quite a distance up that direction and anybody from around knows there is nothing up there.  The light it was casting on the lake was beautiful and I just had to see what I could get out of the camera with that available light.  I really wish I had my tripod because a cooler, a knife and other random items to steady and level a camera wasn’t cutting it.  Now keep in mind the light I was seeing was just a light white glow it had no color.  Imagine my surprise when these colors showed up on my viewfinder.  The lightning would have to wait because for the first time in my life I was witnessing the Northern Lights and it was spectacular!

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