Okay, okay, I know?.I messed up and didn’t get a giveaway out last week. ?Before you lock me up and throw away the key, you might want to hear what I have coming up this week! ?If you have been keeping up with our giveaways and blog posts (which if you haven?t, I can be mad at you, so we are now even for last weeks blunder), you may have seen something about quarterly giveaways and how they are PRETTY EPIC. ?Well, guess what????? ?IT?S QUARTERLY GIVEAWAY TIME!! WOOP WOOP! ?This weeks giveaway is for a FREE senior session (athlete for boys or our popular glamour session for girls) that INCLUDES a $1500 credit towards your portrait purchase. ?I have decided to call this ?Good things come to those who wait??or maybe it should be PROCRASTINATE for all you seniors that haven?t gotten your close up yet. ?Soooooo if you haven?t had senior portraits taken yet and are graduating in 2018, you need to get in on this giveaway action! ?Also, ANYONE that signs up for this giveaway and isn?t chosen, will receive 50% off your session fee if you book before the end of May. ?Shoot, even if you?ve had your photos taken, you can still get in on this amazing offer to have the senior photo experience that is unmatched by anyone in the valley, and I dare say all of Idaho. (I?m a humble guy, honest, but I really do believe this to be true).
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