Saturday evening our shoot was nothing short of hilarious. ?After hair and makeup was done we loaded up and headed toward boise. ?Samantha is a tiny little lady who had just downed a Red-bull that was just a little bit bigger than her. ?Half way through the shoot we stopped for a drink and Samantha comes out with a rockstar that was bigger than her. ?Lets just say she probably still hasn’t slept yet. ?None the less we had a lot of fun on this shoot exploring new things and places in search of great images. ?The highlight I would say was a tossup between seeing Samantha with her horse and the trash the prom dress part of our shoot. ?We turned out some amazing images that I can’t wait to share with her and her family! ?Take a look here at one of the images and her video trailer that Nate made.


Samantha Zahorka – Trailer from in8 Media Productions on Vimeo.

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