What is Senior Night?

There are so many events that are packed into your Senior Year of High School! Senior Night is always such an important milestone in the life of a high school athlete and for the parents. While some high school athletes will continue to play sports for colleges or professional leagues many students do not continue on in sports after high school. Senior Night in High Schools around the country provides a sense of closure to high school sports and for those that will no longer continue to play despite the love of the game and the skills that were acquired. It is also chance for the parents of high school senior athletes to be recognized for their love and dedication to their Senior and their Seniors’ hobbies and passions throughout High School. So, in those regards Senior Night is both for the high school Senior and for their parents.


high school senior football player walking on the track of Timberline High school in Boise Idaho holding a football and his helmet

What Happens at Senior Night?

Typically “Senior Night” is an event that takes place prior to the last home game of the season for any given sport. During this time the high school senior athletes are recognized for their involvement in the sport. Often at the beginning of the game each Senior is called onto the field or court with his or her parents. This is such a fun time for athletes and the rest of the graduating class! Together they congratulate the Senior on this milestone in their lives and recognize them for the skills and support that they have given to the school.

high school senior swimmer in the Boise River for her senior Portraits by Samuel Marvin Photography
senior night poster for a high school senior football player at Bishop Kelly High in Boise Idaho created by Samuel Marvin Photography

Senior Night Posters

Senior Night Posters are an essential part of Senior Night. Often they are handmade by the senior athlete or their parents and by the senior’s friends. They include senior photos of the athlete as well as action photos, awards, and accolades that may have acquired over their high school career.

Senior Night posters can also be professionally created, like this one that Michelle, our editor here at Samuel Marvin Photography, made for Kaden’s Senior Night at Bishop Kelly High School in Boise, Idaho.


high school senior football player for Ridgevue High in Nampa Idaho sitting on the bleachers of the field for his senior portraits taken by Samuel Marvin Photography
high school senior girl in her track and field jersey in a studio for edgy senior portraits taken by Samuel Marvin Photography in Boise Idaho

What do Parents Wear & Do at Senior Night?

One of the questions we hear a lot from first-time Senior Parents is what do I wear or what do I need to do for my son or daughter’s Senior Night? The answer to this question is a unique as your Senior is! Often by this point in your Seniors’ high school athletic career, you will have acquired one or two school hoodies or T-shirts. Wearing such is always acceptable as is dressing up a bit. Our best advice for this night is to wear your heart on your sleeve and let your son or daughter see you smile in pride at their accomplishments! Take a picture of this moment because it is a moment to remember and there is nothing better than a photo to capture that! If you need help coming up with ideas to help make Senior Night amazing check out our Pinterest Board: Senior Night Ideas.

There are many things that you can do to help make your Senior’s final year of high school memorable even if they are not an athlete. Senior photography is one of the most important experiences that you can give to your Senior! You have spent many countless hours loving, teaching, and supporting your Senior! Your Senior has also spent countless hours exploring who they are, what they want to achieve in life, and of course, building an education that will take them into the future. Here at Samuel Marvin Photography, it is our mission to encourage self-confidence and individual worth, to strengthen relationships, capture genuine laughter, and document milestones and family legacies through the power and process of portraiture. Sam is the top senior portrait photographer in Boise Idaho! There are a few things that you will want to think about before your hire a senior photographer. We share 5 Tips to Hire the Best Senior Photographer in this blog post. 

Every High School Senior deserves to have their moment in the spotlight! Book a Senior Session with Samuel Marvin Photography now by clicking on this button and get ready for Senior Night!

Bishop Kelly baseball player in his senior photos holding his baseball bat towards the camera of Samuel Marvin Photography
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