Feels like the end to a good day. ?We had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with a real smarty pants and her family today. ?Alyssa Shreeve definitely exudes beauty and really worked with the camera well and technically the photographer haha. ?There is nothing better than ?having one of those sessions where it feels like every shot just works. ?Then again like I say its hard to take ugly pictures of beautiful people. ?So Alyssa here is a sneak peak from tonights photo session. ?We had some great elements come together to make this happen with the hazy sunset a beautiful field of grain just one little flash and an incredible model, but lets not forget our great light holder Natalie, Alyssa’s mom she made it happen. ?Props to you too Brad, he held the light for us earlier. ?Great night to be a photographer!! ?Check back soon for a trailer of Alyssa’s shoot.


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