When you think about clothing and how to find outfits that look great on you for your senior portraits you might first think about color palettes. While the actual color palettes of the clothing are important a better place to start is to understand what Skin Tone and Undertone you personally have so that you can find the color palettes that will be best for you! If you know your skin tone and undertone, scroll to the bottom of this post for outfit inspirations from Buckle, Blue Fringe Boutique, and 5 Styling Tips!

What is Skin Tone & Undertone?

Skin Tone is the level of pigmentation in your skin which is visually seen as the surface color of your skin. This can change over time due to the amount of sun that you are exposed to, age, and hormones. The Undertone of your skin is in reference to the color underneath your skin that plays a factor in the overall hue of your skin. Your undertone is consistent and does not change.

So how do you figure out what your Skin Tone and Undertone are? Every person is so very unique in the actual blending of colors that creates your skin, however, there are a few categories that you can choose to place yourself in to decide where your Skin Tone and Undertone fall in relation to the general population.  Here is a quick rundown on how to categorize your Skin Tone and Undertone.

Skin Tone

Skin Tone: There are 5 generally accepted categories of skin tone. They are Fair (very pale color), Light (pale-light color), Medium (more saturated color), Tan (deeper color), Dark (dark color, a lot of pigmentation in the skin). Which are you?


Undertone: There are four undertone categories and a quick way to get a general idea of where you fall is to check your veins. Flip your wrist over so that your palms are facing up. Look at the color of your veins. If they appear blue/purple your undertone is considered Cool. If they look more green/blue you are considered to have a Neutral undertone. If they are green/olive you have a Warm undertone.

A high school senior girl wearing ripped jeans and a crop top in earthy and bold colors
A high school senior girl leaning against a brick wall wearing faded blue jeans and a knit tank top

Muted Color Palettes for Summer

Here are a few color palettes that we love on some of our recent Seniors. The Earthy & Bold Summer color palette creates a cohesive look that has subtle punches of color with classic neutrals. The earthy oranges and yellows look amazing on Jaelyn’s skin! McKenzie has a lighter skin tone and cooler undertones that are perfect for the Cool & Classic color palette of black, taupe, white, denim, and brick red.


Soft & Earthy color palettes like olive, khaki, blue-greys, and white make great neutrals for most skin tones. These color combinations can be more feminine and soft yet also feel powerful, just as they do on Avery.


When you use richer and more cool tones in your color palette like greens & blues paired with neutrals like white and tan you will also have a soft yet powerful look. This Cool & Organic color palette allows Alina’s beautiful olive skin tone to radiate!


For a more Bold & Classic color combination throw in a deep-rich burgundy and sunflower yellow! Add a pop of blue and you will glow just like Caela!

Senior photo of a young woman wearing layered tanks and a jean shirk in soft earthy colors
Young woman wearing a leather jacket & tee-shirt in bold and classic summer colors
High school senior sitting by the river in a floral skirt and crop top in organic colors

Senior Portrait Styling Tips

When it comes to choosing outfits for Senior Portraits is it important to remember that color palettes are only one aspect of the overall look. You want to be sure that the outfits you choose reflect who you are and your personality! Include a variety of outfits like skirts, pants, shorts, rompers, and dresses. This will give you a greater variety of images. Don’t forget to include accent pieces like hats, jewelry, and a variety of shoe options. We also would suggest that if you choose to paint your nails, use a color that is neutral and will blend nicely with each outfit that you ultimately choose.

Be sure to pin these images so you can refer back to them for your Senior Photos!

5 muted summer color palates over the picture of a high school senior wear jean shorts, a button up shirt, and trendy hat.

Now that you have a few color palette ideas in mind for your Senior photos you are ready to put together a few different looks. Our Glamour Session includes 4 different outfits at four locations. To help you get started we have 5 Styling Tips for Senior Portraits that we would love. to encourage you to read. For even more inspiration check out these looks from Blue Fringe Boutique. Remember to give us a call and BOOK YOU SENIOR PORTRAITS!

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