Meet Kelli.? Kelli is the production manager for both Samuel Marvin Photography, and Covered in Canvas, which is the print lab that Sam owns. If you didn?t weren?t aware, all of our custom print products such as Canvas, Metals, Frames and Standard prints are all hand crafted right here in our Meridian ID Location – Most of which are the handy work of Kelli.
Kelli is a proud mama of 3 children – Brooke, Sami and Josh, ?and one cute little grand daughter.? She is happily married to her husband Casey and they recently celebrated 24 years together.? Fun Fact is that Kelli actually picked Casey up on the cruise in downtown Boise right in front of the Egyptian Theatre.? She pulled up to the stop light and saw him hanging out with some friends on the corner.? She called out to him and he jumped in the back of her pickup and she hasn?t been able to shake him since.

If you’re wondering how Kelli became a part of our team I’d love to share.? You see, Kelli is one of Sam?s older sisters and when he decided to expand due to rapid growth, she stepped in to help in the production room and she was the perfect fit.? The rest is history!
As much as Kelli loves to work for her little brothe,r she would choose to stay home and scrapbook 24/7 instead – ?but we need her!
Kelli grew up the 4th of 7 Children in Middleton Idaho.? After she and Casey were married, they bounced back and forth between California and Florida following Casey?s career in the military.? Casey Retired from the Air Force just 4 years ago, so they decided to move family back to Idaho from Florida to be close to family.
We certainly feel lucky to have Kelli as part of the SMP Team and hope she will stick around for years to come.
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