There is no question Tori Fuller is beautiful. ?I was so blessed with the opportunity to shoot with her yesterday. ?Our shoot started out no different than any other shoot. ?Some random location that gives me a chance to see what I am working with and to see how she responds and reacts with the camera. ?I think someone was looking down on us yesterday because everything was amazing. ?We got to do some downtown grunge and a little country fashion and ended our night with an incredible sunset.

One of the most important things for me as a photographer is getting my subject to emerge from their shell or open up with me a little. ?At first I was worried she was going to be quiet but she really gave me an amazing opportunity to showcase my abilities and showcase my work with her stunning appeal. ?None of this would have been possible without Jake our lighting specialist haha. ? Jake came along with Tori and we really enjoyed him and his help. ?Lots of laughs and some great images came from our day. ?Take a look at these few images below as well at a short trailer from Tori’s shoot form Nate.

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