This weeks giveaway is $50 to Dutch Bro’s but not just one person will win this giveaway.  We have set aside $150 which is $50 for 3 winners.
Check out the giveaway below and watch for the daily entry options.

Please comment below if you have any issues or concerns with the giveaways or how some of the entries work.


  1. Mikayla Searle

    You should do another Prom make up give away! Or a prom group photo shoot!

  2. Zahara Al-Tememy

    I think a photo shoot giveaway would be pretty sweet! You’re awesome at photography !!

  3. Bella Bates

    Super excited for chances to get this!!!!

  4. Bella bates

    I am loving your photos cant wait to book mine!!!

  5. Casey

    A photo shoot giveaway would be awesome! This giveaway is really cool!

  6. Kennedy cox

    This is so cook what it are doing I love all the pictures that you take your so good

  7. Melissa Bates

    I am the ultimate Dutch Mom!!

  8. Katie

    Your photos are amazing, I can’t wait to book a session 😍


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