Well, let’s just get this out of the way first.? Its pronounced phonetically Yin like fin with a Y.? What threw me is that Yuan is actually his last name and his first name is Zhen.?He chooses to be called Yuan and despite all of the confusion, it’s easier that way.?

Yuan is our new Videographer.? Many may not know this but the videos we capture during our senior portrait experience are unlike anything you can find anywhere in the country.? It is special & unique and there is no question we have the right young man to capture and create them.? Yuan!!?

Yuan was born in China and moved to the US when he was 8.? Which let’s be real that was just a few years ago because he?s only 19 years old now.? Graduating from Skyview High School in Nampa, he quickly enrolled in as a full-time student at Boise State pursuing a degree in Business and following his dreams in videogrpahy.?

Young man sitting on a porch with video equipment

Yuan was a standout candidate for our position of videographer and had to step into the deep shoes of our recent videographers.? Many people have asked why we go through video guys so much.? Well, we often work with young people right out of high school providing a lot of hands-on real-life experience in this industry. From here they ambitiously see the bright opportunities ahead and chase after them. We support that and become their biggest cheerleaders.? For those of you who remember Brandon a couple of years ago, he took an offer to follow a race car driver around the world.?Nate, my nephew, was ready to begin a family of his own and step out into the world of freelance videography.

We have a lot of video projects in the works and more planned this year, but overall the purpose of the videography is to add an extra element of “awe” to what we do for you our families, and the people we serve.? Yuan has already started to work on a new series of informational videos about what to expect during and the overall exceptional experience of our Senior Portrait Sessions here at Samuel Marvin Photography.?

Young man in front of wall mural

I am excited about the skill and perfection Yuan brings to the table. You may have already seen one of the biggest changes he has helped implement this year which is the vertical video format improving our video presentation on Instagram that much better.? Also, Yuan brings years of YouTube experience to the table and will be uploading all of our teasers to our YouTube Channel!?So head over to and click that SUBSCRIBE button!??

Speaking of YouTube one of the things that stood out about Yuan is his incredible YouTube channel iAppleGeek?go check it out!??I swear, I thought having someone with a vast knowledge of YoutTube would be great but with Yuan, we get the bonus of a walking Apple-Encyclopedia!!!??Oh, wait those might be a bit too old school for the Seniors so perhaps he is more like an Apple FAQ & Wiki page all combined into one.? We have used that knowledge to our advantage many times already!

Tech-Selfie of a young man taking a picture of himself using the iPhone 11

Best of all, the reason Yuan fits in so well with us here at the studio is that he is simply fun & hilarious to have around.? It seems like we have spent all of our time just rolling in laughter. Also having someone around to laugh at my humor keeps me cracking the jokes all day long.? So as long as he continues to laugh I plan to keep him around.?

For reals, though Yuan is incredibly talented with video and I am so excited to have him on our team. My only worry is that with his skillset as such, I don?t know how long we will be able to keep him locked down.? No matter the case Yuan, we will forevermore be your cheerleader and WELCOME to the Samuel Marvin Photography Team. We are stoked you?re here with us.?

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