If you know me you know I love to take people to dutch.? So why not share the love and support local business owners.? Somehow I don’t think dutch is hurting by the look of the lines I see every day but still it’s apart of our culture here and amongst our seniors.??


Last week we decided to do $150 total giveaway for dutch and so when we went to get the gift cards we decided to make a tiktok video about it.? Scroll down below the giveaway to see our tiktok video and what came from our adventures.??

I just signed up for tiktok in January I think and it might be the single biggest waste of time I have invested in but I made a goal to step out of my comfort zone and make one and can you believe it went viral with over half a million views.? Well I haven’t had the continued success but decided we will make it apart of our normal workflow and behind the scenes.??

Of course we had to take a few pictures of our beloved Dutch workers so we could post them.? Check them out below.? Make sure to head over to tiktok and follow us.??

Make sure to comment below and tell us what you think of this week’s giveaway and maybe some thoughts of what you’d like to see in the weeks to come.??


  1. Emma Butler

    Love this giveaway

    • Sam

      Thanks Emma ?

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