The Apple Watch is a very important tool that we use in our photography Studio. It helps us stay connected, keep on track of our daily tasks, and obviously know what time it is! We love using our Apple Watches so much & want to pass that love on to you. SO…WE ARE GIVING ONE OF YOU AN BRAND SPANKING NEW APPLE WATCH!!!! But first I want to share with you 8 ways we benefit by using Apple Watches in our photography studio.

The Walkie-Talkie Feature Keeps us Safe

Sam loves to take full advantage of the environment around us. When taking stunning photos on roadways in rural areas we set up lookouts and warn each other of approaching vehicles or cyclists using the Walkie-Takie feature on our Apple Watches. We can also scout around at a location and communicate easily to pick a picture-perfect spot!Β 

image of girl on the road

Weather by the Hour

Weather is always a concern for our Seniors but there are only a few times a year that we have to reschedule a session due to high wind or rain. However, being in the high desert that is Boise, Idaho we often will have looming clouds threatening rain or windy mornings that cause us to worry. Having the weather hour by hour a glance away on our Apple Watches gives us the confidence we need to guarantee our clients a wonderful rain-free day!Β 

Knowing the Golden Hour with the SunDial App

The golden hour is prime time for breath-taking photos and leads directly into the sunset. One of our favorite session upgrades is to have portraits taken as the sun is setting in the background. These images are not only warm and filled with golden light, but also give you all the happy feelings of the perfect end to an extraordinary day! We can use the SunDial App to find the minute the sun sets we can simply check our watch.

Limits our Distractions

When we use the notifications on our watches and not our iPhones can put the iPhones away and focus on the important tasks on hand. We do not spend all our time taking photos! There is editing & marketing to be done and plenty of canvases and frames to be handcrafted. Staying on task is very important so that you can have your graduation cards completed on time and your portraits showcased in your home. To give you the best overall experience possible we try to eliminate the temptation to check our phone notifications by having them turned off on our phones. Having the most important notifications pushed on our Apple Watch allows us to respond to what is necessary and avoid going down any rabbit holes.

Inspires Us to Move & Breath

One of my favorite features of the Apple Watch is the Breath & Stand features. So often I get hyper-focused on the task at hand and can sit for hours. I need to be reminded to stand up and move around a bit. I make it a personal goal to use the breath feature 5 times a day.

Friendly Competitions

Here at Samuel Marvin Photography we are a team! We love to work together and have built great relationships as friends. In an effort to always be our best we might have a few ‘friendly competitions’ going like drinking a gallon of water a day and trying to beat each other step count. Using our Activity Sharing on our Apple Watches we can hold each other accountable (aka harass whoever can’t keep up!).Β 

Find My Phone Feature

In the hustle and bustle of our busy session, I often misplace my phone. For this reason, I LOVE the Find my Phone feature on the Apple Watch. All I have to do is press the little phone icon on the face of my Apple Watch and my phone will ping. Then it’s a simple game of ‘hide & seek’ until I find my iPhone.
Find My Phone feature icon on Apple Watch

Direction Notifications

For an average Glamour Session we will travel to 5 different locations in and around Boise, Idaho. However, we get super excited when we have a Senior who chooses to upgrade their Session with a specific location outside of the Treasure Valley we take full advantage ofΒ  Maps feature and plan our session turn by turn. What is fantastic about having an Apple Watch is the integration between it and your iPhone. The Apple Watch will vibrate slightly before a direction change according to your route on Maps. These little reminders help us stay on track and still carry on safe & great conversation while driving. Here is a teaser video of a recent Sunset Glamour Session.

Now that you know how the Apple Watch helps us do our thing every day it’s your chance to win one and improve your daily productivity! We are giving away an Apple Watch Series 5 to one lucky person. There are multiple ways to gain entries. To get started click on the button below.

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