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Samuel Marvin Photography, serving Meridian and Boise, ID provides the most complete senior photo experience to be found. Your uniqueness and beauty will radiate from every print.

Senior Pictures Unique As You

We get to know each of our Boise and Meridian, Idaho seniors so that we can create a custom photography experience, fitted to their personality. Because of our process, each print shows the uniqueness and beauty of the individual senior. Choose from popular Fashion and Glamour sessions, including outfit changes, professional hair and makeup, and a variety of add-ons including video.

Memorable Family Pictures

Our family sessions include on-location around Meridian and Boise, group and individual shots, and optional professional hair and makeup for the ladies. Choose from our regular session for your immediate family, or large family session for reunions or extended family photos.

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Weekly Giveaway #17- Apple Watch

Its that time again for our.. QUARTERLY GIVEAWAY. We had a lot of requests to give away more electronics and I promise you we read them! We love to give you guys what you want, so this giveaway will last for 2 weeks and the winner will receive a Series 3 Apple Watch....

Team Member Highlight

Meet Kelli.  Kelli is the production manager for both Samuel Marvin Photography, and Covered in Canvas, which is the print lab that Sam owns. If you didn’t weren’t aware, all of our custom print products such as Canvas, Metals, Frames and Standard prints are all hand...

Weekly Giveaways

If you haven't already seen our giveaways all over social media, this will be the week for you go check it out! We launched this for you guys about 3 months ago and have been getting an awesome response from it. We use your guys comments on what you like to see for...

Picking the right Senior Photographer

Senior pictures are one of the best highlights of your high school years. It is such an incredible memory to keep with you as you grow up. I believe the experience you receive when getting your senior pictures done should be like no other. It should make you feel...

Weekly Giveaway #16- Nike Giftcard

Since we got such a big hit on our LULU GIFTCARD giveaway, we thought we would do another highly requested gift card. Which is Nike! So, we will be giving 2 lucky winners a $75 gift card. The giveaway will end on July 31st at 12:00 am. Goodluck!! Nike Giftcard $75 - 2...

Weekly Giveaway #15- Lulu Lemon Giftcard

We are so excited to be able to give away a Lulu Lemon gift card as it has been the most highly requested giveaway we have gotten! You can not go wrong with a new pair of the most amazing leggings in Boise. If you have never heard or been to Lulu Lemon in the Village...

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