high school senior girl taking photos with Samuel Marvin Photography with disco balls, high heels, and a black jumper

Mini Photoshoots with Samuel Marvin Photography

Why a mini photoshoot? It is easy enough to go out with a group of your friends and take a few fun pictures on your phones to share with others on social media but it is even better when you can simply show up to a Studio where a fun and unique backdrop has been created for you. This is one of the reasons that we like to host themed mini photoshoots for High School Seniors. Sometimes it is just fun to have over-the-top pictures of yourself that you never thought you would take. We have hosted many such themed photoshoots such as Prisms, One Word, Valentine’s Day, and Fresh Flowers. For this photoshoot, we wanted to light up the Studio with Disco Balls! Here is what you can look forward to…

young woman holding a large disco ball at a studio shoot in Meridian Idaho with Samuel Marvin Photography

Disco Ball Photoshoot Inspiration

Creating a disco ball photoshoot has been on our bucket list for a while. We have thought about doing it as a New Year’s Day photoshoot but it just was not working. Then we thought, well who cares what time of year we do it!?!? For us, at Samuel Marvin Photography the goal of the mini photoshoots is to help you get a taste of what a full SESSION is like and to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. We also love seeing the fun images from our mini photoshoots up on your social media accounts! Mini sessions like this are also a great way for you to come into the Studio with a few friends and get some group images! 

For this session, we decided to get multiple sizes of disco balls (12″, 8″, 6″, and a pack of assorted small ones) and some fun silver tinsel backdrops. We used a rich grey seamless paper backdrop and added dynamic studio lighting for a beautiful soft glow. This is how you can expect to find our shooting bay when you come in for your own disco ball mini photoshoot.

high school senior girl with her high heel on a large disco ball for a fun mini shoot with Samuel Marvin Photography

When you schedule a time at one of Samuel Marvin Photography’s Mini Sessions,  you are guaranteed to have a blast! We like to play music, offer you drinks and snacks, and we will take that time to get to know you and your friends that join you. Our Studio is located in Meridian, Idaho just south of the freeway. We have a fun Hair & Makeup station that you can use for touch-ups or amazing selfies!

unique disco ball headshot with a high school senior in Meridian Idaho

Mini Photoshoot Sessions are structured as follows:

  • Open High School Students

  • 10 – 15 Minutes

  • 3 Social Media Images

  • $20 Session Fee

*If you are a current Junior (Class of 2024) and have not participated in a previous mini photoshoot with Samuel Marvin Photography before we will waive the session fee.

If you are a current Junior in High School and you want to learn more about becoming an SMP Senior Team member in your Senior Year of High School or you would like to learn more about Senior Portraits or Family Photoshoots call us a (208) 297-7867. We are excited to hear from you and be. apart of your Senior Year!

Young woman holding a large disco ball in a power pose as a fun senior picture with Samuel Marvin Photography
Two young women in prom dresses taking a fun disco ball mini shoot with Samuel Marvin Photography
in studio headshot with disco balls for a high school senior girl
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