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Meet Sam and Michelle

Sam and Michelle have one little boy and have been happily married for almost 14 years. ?He is a fun and outgoing individual with a passion for life and photography. ?He likes to describe himself as more or a business man than an artist but clearly isn?t lacking in the creative sense. ?Sam started his photography business in 1995 at the age of 15. ?Though he won?t boast of any specific accolades as a photographer he has worked in many photography fields and has been published in magazines and is looked to as a teacher in the local market.? Michelle would claim there is never a dull moment with Sam and you are sure to feel the same while working with him.? Michelle is a key part of the Samuel Marvin Photography Team.? Though she is mostly found behind the scenes; Michelle edits all of the images we produce and keeps the production process on track.? Without her we may cease to exist.

Young man with camera and video equipment

Meet Yuan – Video Production

In 2004 Sam added film to the list of cool features he offers with his portrait experience.  Yuan is an integral part of the SMP Crew that brings this feat to fruition. Yuan joined us in 2020 He has an incredible passion for Video and in being creative in what he does.  

Yuan was born in China and came to the states at the age of 7.  He is incredibly smart and knowledgeable about tech and video alike.   You wouldn’t know it but Yuan hosts a successful youtube channel called Yuan Z.  Check him out here.  


Meet Mia – Studio Manager and Social Media Guru

Mia has been with us for going on 2 years now.  She started out in our production room and when we failed to hire the right assistant for the job Mia was the obvious choice.  When Mia asked for a job we weren’t even looking but realizing she knocked on the door when we needed it the most she landed the job.  

Mia is mom to 5 children ages 9-17 and she is one of the greatest assests we’ve ever had.  She answers phones, books clients and makes sure everything is going around in our world.  We couldn’t do it without her.


Nadia and Micalah – Hair and Makeup

From day one Sam recognized the need for top notch Makeup and within a couple years connected with Nadia and shortly after Micalah.? This dynamic duo is a huge part of the beauty that sets our images apart from the rest and they are such a vital and important part of the Samuel Marvin Photography Team.? Nadia and Micalah are not only best of friends they are hands down the best at their craft and thats just a part of why we love having them around.

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