high school senior girl in the high dessert of Mexico with the coastline in the background

Senior Destination Sessions are one-of-a-kind experiences that will result in life-long memories and unique senior pictures! If you know anything about our studio, Samuel Marvin Photography, you know that we go above and beyond for the most luxurious & customized high school senior photography sessions in Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Our destination sessions are no different! We have traveled to some amazing destination locations like The Salt Flats in Utah, California’s Lake Tahoe, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas in Nevada, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and more. Boise, Idaho also has many local destinations that can fill your wanderlust! Some of our favorite local Idaho destination session locations include McCall, the Bruneau Sand Dunes, and Stanley.

One-of-a-Kind Wanderlust Experience

Ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that will satisfy your wanderlust and give you the most unique and exceptional senior pictures!!! Then our Senior Destination Session to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is for you! Every year, Samuel Marvin Photography takes 1-4 senior girls (along with their parent chaperones & his team) to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a week of fun, relaxation, epic senior portraits, food, and lifelong memories! This tourist destination is special for the following reasons.


  • Beach Time
  • Street Food & Dining
  • Family Destination Portraits
  • Tourist Activities
  • Todos Santos
  • Senior Destination Portraits
high school senior girl on her senior destination session to Mexico posing with surfboards on the coast

Beach Time

Cabo San Lucas is known for the stretches of coastline and beaches, like Playa El Medano and Playa del Amor. Both of these beaches are perfect for a little downtime in between the scheduled shoots that you will experience on your destination session. There are food carts, restaurants, and vendors that you can also enjoy while you dig your feet in the sand and enjoy the ocean. If you are lucky enough and the tides are in your favor you might even be able to walk under El Arco, a natural rock archway in the seacliffs.

senior girls on the El Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico
young woman wearing a mermaid tail for a dream photo on the beach of Mexico as her senior picture

Corazon Cabo Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

One of the reasons that we love our international destination sessions, like Cabo, is that it gives our seniors the opportunity to experience a new culture and way of life as well as an epic location! When we travel to Cabo for our Senior Destination Session we stay at the Corazon Cabo Resort & Spa. We love the luxurious feel of the beachfront property and the many amenities that it offers. You can go from the infinity pool to the roof-top, then down to the private beach, before having dinner in one of three on-site restaurants. The Corazon has everything you could need. 

high school senior girl standing in front of a restaurant in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Family Destination Portraits

Another reason we love our international destination sessions, like Cabo San Lucas Mexico, is that it gives our seniors and their parents a vacation to celebrate and commemorate this final year of high school! So often we hear from the parents of our seniors, how quickly this last year flys by. Soon your senior will be headed off to the next phase of their lives. Now is the time to create life-long memories as a family. We love it when one or both parents of our senior girls join us at the destination session. We make sure to capture a few family images while we are out shooting to document this milestone and your family legacy!

family portrait on the beach of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for their destination session
high school girl at sunset on the beach of Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Touring Downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Downtown Cabo has a plethora of opportunities for you to explore and experience. From nightclubs to authentic restaurants and shops filled with handmade items, you can spend hours walking the cobbled streets. To learn more about the culture and people of Baja you can visit the Museo de Historia Natural de Cabo San Lucas. You can taste different delicacies from the Cabo San Lucas California Big Sur and take home a few of your favorite soveniers. 

senior girl at a street market in Mexico for her Senior Pictures

Todos Santos / Hotel California

A well-known tourist spot in Cabo that makes a tropical backdrop for amazing senior portraits is the Hotel California in Todos Santos. This iconic destination is in the sub-tropical oasis of what is called the Baja California Sur. Shooting through the palms and enjoying the sites of this area makes for a great afternoon of traveling and pictures.

Senior Desitnation Portraits

Senior destination portraits are the main reason we are here right! Boise, Idaho has amazing locations for senior photos that we use and love, but if you are looking for something that is different a senior destination portrait session is perfect for you! From the vibrant colors of street markets downtown to the calm blues and creams of the coastline you will have a variety of images to choose from at your ordering appointment once we are back state-side.

high school senior girl on the beach of cabo san lucas with her surfboard for her destination session
young woman who just graduated high school posing in downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for her senior destination photoshoot
young woman on the stairs at her luxurious destination session in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hair & Make-up

Part of our mission statement at Samuel Marvin Photography is to encourage self-confidence and individual worth. We strongly believe that you are beautiful and amazing just as you are! We also know what a little blush & lip gloss can do your for confidence! Professional hair & make-up does have an impact on the final images and the little boost of confidence it gives makes your smile radiate! For these reasons we often have one of our professional hair & makeup artist with us during our destination sessions.

hair and makeup being applied on a high school senior before her destination session in Mexico
high school girl on the roacky coastline of Mexico with an exotic hotel in the background for her senior pictures

Do you think that having your Senior Portraits taken in an exotic destination like Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is exactly what you are looking for? If so we want to hear from you! Give us a call to book a Studio Tour and learn more about this amazing opportunity.

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