You get a prize… You get a prize… Everyone gets a prize!

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Blog | 1 comment

If you follow us on social media, or our blog, you may have noticed that we have started to do some exciting giveaways!? I was stoked to get this process out and started and have been thrilled with the response we are receiving in just the 3 weeks since launch.? This is going to continue to get better and better, so I thought it was the perfect time to give a little breakdown on how things will work moving forward.

Weekly giveaways will continue, and we will also have quarterly giveaways that will be even more epic.? I?m starting to feel like Oprah, ?You get a prize, you get a prize, EVERYONE gets a prize!?? Everyone has the opportunity to win something, and that is the best thing!? Our weekly giveaways will generally be valued at between $50-$100, while our quarterly giveaways will be even bigger.? We also are looking into different collaborations with local businesses that may be interested in some cross promotion.? Check out our 4th weekly giveaway to see the sweet video we made for our collaboration with Glitz Nails.??

I think as a business owner, there is nothing more important than networking with other business owners to help each other.? Know of a small business that would be interested in partnering with us for our giveaways??

Tell them to reach out and we would be happy to see what works for both of us and benefitting YOU, of course!? Check back weekly on Mondays through the blog and social media shares to get in on the action.

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