First impressions are paramount for success. They always have been, and they always will be. That is never going to change. What has changed over the years is the medium in which these impressions?occur. In today?s world, where instantaneous access to superfluous information is demanded by everyone, first impressions are almost exclusively an online visual encounter with potential clients. Gone are the days of first handshakes that introduced you and your brand to the world. Your online image presence is likely the first encounter a client will have, and you may not have a clients attention for nearly as long as you had hoped. For instance, a recent study out of Missouri University of Science and Technology

?reported that it takes online users only two-tenths of a second to form a first impression. Two-tenths of a second! This means that in roughly the same amount of time it takes to blink your eye, you could either gain or lose a client! Because of such a minuscule window of opportunity, it is of the utmost importance to present your best self! A superior-quality, professional headshot can achieve this goal of presenting yourself and your brand in an attention captivating way!

Why a Professional Photographer and Not A Selfie?

Taking a selfie for your headshot may seem tempting. Sure, they are quick, easy, and cheap. We are made to believe that our phones have the best technology available to us, so a selfie that best advertises you and your brand shouldn?t be too much a problem, right? Wrong. Quick? selfies never yield the best quality.

They never maximize your visual potential. They never convey that you invested in yourself and your brand. They only convey unprofessionalism, and clients will definitely respond accordingly in the two-tenths of a second they spend on your image. You will be quickly forgotten. If you are not invested in your business, why should a client be?

Professional headshots are an investment in yourself and your brand. Only a professional photographer can capture?

the perfection you desire and your clients demand. How should you be best positioned? What backdrop is best for your needs? What type of lighting and composition best compliments your appearance? What type of outfit should I wear? What colors best accent my image? Should I use props? What facial expression is best? A smile conveys approachability. More serious expressions convey determination. How should I properly edit the image? These are all questions that a professional photographer constantly addresses with each and every photograph taken during your session. The result of such skillful attention to detail is a perfected image that conveys both professionalism and personality! Remember, you are your brand!

Keep Your Headshot Updated!

If you are currently using a professional headshot, is it the most updated reflection of your appearance? Whether we want to or not, we are constantly changing and our appearance is no exception. Most of the time, we do not think twice about updating our online image after these transformations. We look at the image and still see ourselves, so we leave well enough alone. However, clients are sure to notice any inconstancies! Upon discovering you and your brand online, clients instantaneously associate that image to your brand and name. If you currently do not look like what is presented, clients will surely fail to associate your name to your brand. You?

could lose business because of an outdated headshot! Updating your current headshot will undoubtedly yield a return on your investment by keeping clients updated on name and brand associations!

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