It is summertime! Boise, Idaho in the summer can get hot but it can also be a blast! We love living and working in Boise and we want you to get the best out of this amazing city too. “Totally Boise” is a great site that you can visit to stay on top of all the activities in and around Boise, Idaho. Here are our Top 3 Things to See & Do in Boise this Summer, from their Summer Activities List.

3 Things TO DO in Boise This Summer!

#1 Enjoy the Greenbelt

One of Treasure Valleys’ hidden treasures is actually not so hidden. The Boise River brings life, fun, and beauty to our valley. In the hot summer months, it is also the location of tubing, fishing, and splashing. The Boise Greenbelt is a 25-mile tree-lined path that you can walk along with friends or your animals, ride your bike, scooter, or one-wheel on, or use as an entry point to the river. Relaxing by the river in a hammock is a great way to spend a summer day.

#2 Visit The Village at Meridian

The Village at Meridian is a fantastic outdoor mall packed full of great stores, tasty restaurants, and comfortable lounge areas. On a hot summer day, you can relax under the mist or by the water fountain at the main square. When you book a SENIOR SESSION with us, we will recommend that you come to The Village at Meridian to get the perfect style for your outfits! 

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#3 Attend a Rodeo

Another great activity to enjoy this Summer in Boise is attending a Rodeo. There are many Rodeos to choose from and with different cities hosting each event you will also have a chance to see a bit more of Idaho. Here is a list of the Rodeos that will be hosted in Idaho this summer.

3 Things TO SEE in Boise This Summer!

#1 Freak Alley

Freak Alley is said to be “the largest outdoor gallery in the Northwest, and has been a Boise institution since 2002.” Boise Historic Neighborhood Online. It is a popular location for SENIOR SESSION because of the graphic lines, colors, and style of the street art. You can grab a bit to eat at a nearby restaurant or enjoy a cold boba tea from one of the local coffee shops.

#2  Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a quaint little section in the Northend of Boise that is so fun to visit. There are many little boutique shops that have unique items and gifts. Again, you can enjoy a meal at one of the many little eateries or even a piece of candy or ice cream cone from Goodies, one of our favorite shops there! You can also walk over to Camel’s Back Park and hike, play soccer, or just relax on the grass.

#3  Basque Heritage Center

Did you know that there is a large Basque community here in Boise, Idaho? The Basque Center was “built in 1949 as a social club and gathering place, the Basque Center has played an important role in the history of the Basques here.” What a fun way to spend a summer day learning about a culture different from your own, enjoying the taste of their food, and doing it all with a friend!

If you want more ideas of what to see and do in Boise this summer we highly suggest that you check out Totally Boise’s Summer List. The one thing that was left off their list was SENIOR PORTRAITS! If you were a Junior this last year and are headed into your Senior Year of high school THIS IS THE TIME TO BOOK YOUR SENIOR PORTRAITS. Here at Samuel Marvin Photography, we offer the BEST SENIOR EXPERIENCE in Idaho! Give us a call at (208) 297-5867 to set up your complimentary Studio Tour.

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