Tux & Drape Senior Pictures

Samuel Marvin Photography offers the tux and drape senior pictures as yearbook headshots. You can choose to have this traditional senior photo taken at our studio in Meridian, Idaho as part of a complete senior picture experience or as an individual image. We have provided this senior photo option for many High Schools in Boise’s Treasure Valley such as Bishop Kelly, Timberline, Eagle, Centennial, Kuna, Mountain View, and more.

Yearbook Headshots

The traditional senior tux and drape pictures that can be seen on almost every grandmother’s piano are no longer a standard option in most of the High Schools in Bosie’s Treasure Valley. “Why?” you might ask. While we can not tell you exactly why the traditional tux and velvet drape photos are being offered less and less at High Schools in the Treasure Valley of Boise Idaho we can suggest a nationwide theme behind the change in this Senior Year tradition.

velvet drape senior picture of a high school senior girl from Bishop Kelly High School in Boise Idaho
senior yearbook tux and drape picture by Samuel Marvin Photography for Bishop Kelly high School in the Treasure Valley

Senior Tux & Velvet Drapes are NOT One-Size Fits All

We live in a time where we, as a society, are learning to have more understanding and empathy towards persons’ identities. This space of awareness should allow a High School Senior to wear a tux or velvet drape regardless of gender. It should also guarantee that a student can be celebrated in the Yearbook regardless of the clothing they chose to wear for their senior photos. Many High School Seniors, like Holley Gerelds & Casey Lane, have helped society come to a better understanding of why the traditional tux and drape pictures do not work for everyone.

drape and tux headshots of high school seniors taken by samuel marvin photography

Many schools in Bosie’s Treasure Valley no longer provide the traditional tux and drape pictures as part of the Senior Year. Many schools now allow Yearbook Senior Portraits to be a picture of the senior’s choice. Some schools however are replacing the traditional tux and drape pictures with cap & gown pictures that are taken at the school by large commercialized photography companies like Dorian Studios or Lifetouch. While it is important to make room for growth and change, traditions are not always bad. A tux or drape picture is one of the iconic images that we most often think of when we think of a High School Senior. While this option is no longer available in most West Ada or Boise School Districts you still have the option to have it captured in a local Boise photography studio, by Samuel Marvin Photography, where you will get genuine interactions, attention to detail, posing guidance, and the tux and velvet drape needed for this traditional senior yearbook headshot.

tux and drape senior picture of a young woman from Boise Idaho taken by Samuel Marvin Photography
a young woman from Boise Idaho's Treasure Valley in a traditional velvet drape for senior picture taken by Samuel Marvin Photography

If you are feeling nostalgic about the traditional tux and drape picture or if you are a parent who has had this image taken of your previous seniors and you can not imagine NOT having one of your current Senior, then you will want to book a Yearbook Headshot Session or Senior Session with Samuel Marvin Photography.

tux and drape photo of a senior guy from Bishop Kelly High School in Boise Idaho taken in studio by Samuel Marvin Photography
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