Do you know the history of the Yearbook? Yearbooks have become a time-honored tradition for Middle School & High School, but according to history the first Yearbook was created by a photographer named George K. Warren (1832–1884) and was compiled of individual images of College graduates. 

George Warren was an American Professional Photographer who recognized the decline in popularity of the daguerreotype format of photographs and wanted to create something new. He turned his attention to using one single negative to produce multiple pictures. In this way, he could sell what he called “graduating class pictures.” The students would take these pictures to a bookbinder, whom then bound the images together and added a front and back cover (often embossed). This was the first version of the Yearbook.

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Today, Yearbooks are often hardcovered albums that can be found on the shelves of most homes with Middle School and High School students. In those albums are pages of pictures taken throughout the school year. Sport teams, student government, clubs all have pages dedicated to their hobbies and skills. There are snapshots of student body events, fun facts about the graduation class, current events, and school history. 

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One of the highlights of a High School Yearbook is the Senior Portraits and Senior Pages. The Senior Year of High School is the culmination of 12 years of education, growth, friendships, experiences, and life! The Senior Portrait, for most schools, is a unique image only the Seniors have the privilege of submitting to the Yearbook. 

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Here at Samuel Marvin Photography, we offer a complimentary Senior Yearbook Headshot with each Senior Session. You can also schedule only a Senior Yearbook Headshot. The Senior Yearbook Headshot is a single in-studio image where the High School Senior is wearing either a black velvet drape or a white button-up shirt with a tuxedo jacket and bowtie. When you come in to take your yearbook image you will be provided with either the velvet drape or tuxedo. For the girls, if you are taking your senior portrait as part of your Senior Session you will have already had your hair & makeup completed by one of our professional stylists. This can make a huge difference in both your final image and your confidence. Your Senior yearbook will be a treasured possession throughout your life, make your mark in it!

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