Since we got such a big hit on our LULU GIFTCARD giveaway, we thought we would do another highly requested gift card. Which is Nike! So, we will be giving 2 lucky winners a $75 gift card.

The giveaway will end on July 31st at 12:00 am.


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  1. Harper


  2. Shaunice

    So excited for this giveaway!!

  3. Phoebe McGrath

    Such a good one!!!!!

  4. Roger

    I love Nike gear. Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  5. Cameron B.


  6. Jaycee L?Heureux

    so happy about this giveaway!!

  7. Logan


  8. Nekane

    Yeah I think I need this gift card

  9. Shabeli Acevedo

    this is so awesome!!!

  10. Calvin

    Love it, Would like to see amazon gift cards or similar in future

  11. Corinne

    I always saw your pictures of my friends growing up when they got their senior pictures done, your work is amazing!

  12. Tracie Duffield

    im so greatful

  13. Kassidy

    I love all the recent giftcard giveaways!!!?

  14. Maddy Hellinger

    This is a great giveaway l!

  15. Sophie Draper


  16. Kiera

    The giveaways are just getting better and better ?

  17. Madi Carson


  18. Eliezer Molina

    Well First time here, is very well know new things every day

  19. Sarah

    I love clothes!

  20. Mary Ellen trella

    Great giveaway. I would save it as a gift for my son!

  21. Debbie Penney

    I love anything to do with cooking. Like pots and pans! thanks

  22. Laura Kornak

    Love everything Nike!

  23. Angela C. Adelman

    Thank you for the chance to win. I have added you on my social media. I love your pictures.
    Thank you again.

  24. kathy m

    Love Nike shoes! Love your variety of giveaways!

  25. dave miller

    Thank you for the great giveaway and your generosity.

  26. Dave miller

    Thank you for the chance to win and your generosity i love gift card giveaways Amazon is always a big hit

  27. Nicole Watson

    Awesome giveaway

  28. Kelli covey

    Love Nike!! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  29. Jacqueline Mclean

    Gift cards are always a Great giveaway.
    Maybe next giveaway could be. Winners choice of any shoes/sneakers on your website.

  30. Tammy iler

    I love anything Nike! Thanks for the giveaway

  31. Lil Csipszy

    ez giftcard

  32. Robin Hebberd

    I love it!!!!!

  33. Whitney

    So excited for this sure would come in handy with school starting!!!

  34. Em

    So COOL you picked something for females and males!

  35. Angel McMore

    More Gift cards

  36. Emilie De Wolf

    This giveaway is amazing!

  37. Juan Carlos


  38. I

    Great Giveaway from Nike

  39. Chloe

    Yay these giveaways are the best!

  40. Mary benack

    I am totallly due. For some pretty pink nikes. ?????

  41. Dina

    I would so love to win this

  42. Shelby

    I would love to see and iPad or a tablet giveaway

  43. brooke benton

    i love this giveaway !!


    Nike is my favorite,hope i win

  45. Rahul Huriya

    Great as always

  46. XedLoGaming

    I Hope I Win

  47. Aravind

    First time visiting this page , very interesting

  48. Cassandra D

    Paypal and various food places.

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